BAND – Live Alive

Before photographing Live Alive, I was fortunate enough to work with these guys before, along with Mike Falzone to create a music video for their single Keep Me Awake.

As serious as these photos appear, behind the scenes, these guys are just fun to hang around with. At one point, I recall the guys breaking out into a hoedown sing-along. Something they do to pass the time when touring on the road. With ages ranging from 15 to 23, I couldn’t help but feel like the “old guy” in the room. In my mind I was just playing the wisdom card, as to not focus on my lower back pain at the time. Haha.

When I first heard their sound, I told myself that 16 year old me would like these guys… as it turns out 32 year old me likes them too.

This first image worked really well as a black and white, back-lit, dramatic photo and I liked it. I also thought it might look cool with some texture, so I decided to go through some of my archives of photos and add in a background…

This is the same image as the one above, but I just added in some gritty abandoned warehouse (super original I know, but it works) to the background. The effects I wanted with the back light is still there, now with some texture. Man I love photoshop.

Live_Alive_Portraits-1086-Edit Live_Alive_Portraits-1168 Live_Alive_Portraits-1276-Edit Live_Alive_Portraits-1376-Edit

Cinemagraph – A test with a Fashion Model

I really wanted to challenge myself with creating a Cinemagraph. As you can see with the image below, it’s a combination of still and video. Basically it’s a video with parts of the image isolated. I wanted to create something basic like this because I had this idea for a client where a fashion designer could utilize more than just still images on their website.

I shot a test with my friend Kim (LOVE shooting with Kim!) and she stayed pretty still, but to really pull this look off, elements, like her arms, legs and face really need to be isolated. A more advanced challenge would be to get her hair and moving. So far, I’m happy with the result.

Kim Cinemagraph Model Fashion

So… BlackMagic is Great

Preorder Black Magic Cinema Camera

Blackmagic has raised the bar, yet again. They announced a new camera. Actually, they announced 2 new cameras. A new 4k cinema beast, and a smaller little guy, which is the one I’m really interested in. They’re calling it a Pocket Cinema camera. The beauty is; it shoots RAW video @ 1080p, AND it fits in your pocket. I won’t go nuts going over specs because they’re everywhere. The direct source is from Blackmagic’s site. If you want one, do like I did. Preorder it from B&H Photo. It’s available in July. Oh what a great summer it will be.

Image from B&H Photo. Click to Preorder


This was a fun video to shoot with Mike Falzone. My favorite shot is the; looking down on the keys shot. It wasn’t so much fun to setup, but it was totally worth it. All shot with natural daylight. The windows had a really nice natural diffusion. Check it out.

The Way You Walk Away – Mike Falzone

This was a fun video I shot with @coffeegirl for @mikefalzone. Not only do I like working with Mike, but I really like his tunes. It’s fun to get them stuck in your head. Editing/Audio by Mike.