Project Shutter – New Haven Photographers – Instameet

For my first time ever, I participated in an instagram meetup. Specifically, in the town of New Haven – where my studio is located. The people (from all around new haven) were gathered and hosted by #artilerya aka Alvin aka Garseeyuh. He along with a couple other key hosts: @photolo5 & @_7vn were able  to get a bunch of people (around 30) to meet up in downtown New Haven and lead a photowalk for around 3 hours.

We visited a few spots near YALE campus and the surrounding area. I jumped right in utilizing wireless, external speed lights and a fast, prime lens to find my bearings. The most interesting thing for me was not only meeting 30 new people that shared the same passion I do, but also seeing how they interpret that passion and how they approach a subject. When searching the hashtag #projectshutter and #lo5x7vn you’ll come across similar subjects, but all with different approaches. Whit certain restrictions (for example limiting myself to an 8GB card only) I placed on myself, I tried to do the same. I wanted the walk to be a challenge, but also at the same time with my approach and style.

I’m happy with some of the images I made. Below is a gallery of a few selects. I’m excited to join the next one and see what we all come up with.

Sunset Photo Walk – Silver Sands State Park


I met up with my buddy John and we set out for our first photo walk together at Silver Sands State Park in Milford, CT. It’s a beautiful beach/park that, during low tide has walking access to an island. I explained to John that I brought two cameras and a nice trifecta of lenses because I didn’t know what I’d need… so why not carry more than enough. Well, After taking 5-10 shots with my 7D and 70-200 I realized that I didn’t have a CF card in the camera! John busted out into a mighty strong chuckle, as he should, at my misfortune. Here I am, explaining WHY I brought this extra gear, only to find out that it pretty much became useless. So, I used my 5D with a 50 and a 16-35 and took a few snaps. I was pretty bummed, but still tried to force myself to take some cool images. Better luck next time, me.