Jill – Motorcycle Lifestyle Fashion Photography

Wow. I had such a great time shooting with Jill the other night. Not only because she’s, beautiful and not only because she’s talented and not only because she had an awesome vintage Honda Cl350 and NOT ONLY because it was the perfect night… but because it was also awesome to collaborate with friend and fellow photographer Matt from BSC Photo. I had an overall concept of what I wanted to accomplish and feel like I hit a good amount of the shots I wanted, but not without thanks to the conversations and planning I had with Matt. Being able to bounce both creative and technical ideas was great. Check my Instagram for some of the behind the scenes, but needless to say we were hanging out the back of my car, shooting Jill and at one point (because of Matt’s idea) had a strobe suction cupped to the side of my car. It was a blast and I can’t wait to experiment with photographing this type f movement again.

Lifestyle Fashion – Elizabeth Park Hartford

I found it difficult to make a bad photo of Amber and Kira when we visited Elizabeth Park in Hartford. My plan was to intentionally go up under harsh lighting conditions to test out some new lighting techniques. Well, wouldn’t you know it, some clouds came in and perfectly blocked the sun allowing just the right amount of light for a mid-day shoot. At first I was bummed that I couldn’t play with the new ideas that I had, but then quickly got over it as I had; two beautiful models in a beautiful location with… BEAUTIFUL light. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Styling – Nick Jardin

Nick reached out to me and asked if I would photograph him as he did a cut and style. Now, I’ve worked with hair stylists before and I would snap the occasional behind the scenes photo to document the photo shoot that we were doing. Plus, it’s cool to see what went on before the final image was created. In this case, the BTS photos are the final photos, so I wasn’t sure what the expect when shooting, or when I was done. I approached it like any other shoot though, planning, setup and execution.

I knew I wanted high contrast and that eventually I would process the images as black and white. So, I did what I almost never do; I previewed the images as black and white vs color on the back of my camera. This was super helpful because I knew what my end goal was and shooting this way allowed me to get a great idea of where my tones were without having to transform into a dog. Many times when I’m shooting, I can visualize what a color image will look like as a black and white because of the tones and contrast in an image. This tiny change made a huge difference.

I almost never shoot just black and white images, especially in studio with a full lighting setup – in this case, I used 2 – 72″ shoot through umbrellas as rim lights and a 22″ beauty dish as my key. I’ve got to say, I really like how they turned out and think it works well for the subject matter. We played with a few different scenes and some variations of the light, but overall I early dig how it turned out.

Cinemagraph – A test with a Fashion Model

I really wanted to challenge myself with creating a Cinemagraph. As you can see with the image below, it’s a combination of still and video. Basically it’s a video with parts of the image isolated. I wanted to create something basic like this because¬†I had this idea for a client where a fashion designer could utilize more than just still images on their website.

I shot a test with my friend Kim (LOVE shooting with Kim!) and she stayed pretty still, but to really pull this look off, elements, like her arms, legs and face really need to be isolated. A more advanced challenge would be to get her hair and moving. So far, I’m happy with the result.

Kim Cinemagraph Model Fashion

Lauren Dinardo Collection

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I had the very fortunate opportunity to work with a local fashion designer from Fairfield, CT, Lauren DiNardo. Not only does Lauren have really great designs, but she is a complete sweetheart and a joy to work with. She came by the studio with a few of her latest styles and we came up with a few concepts for lighting them. There was a great energy in the studio while shooting. The models were excited about the designs and wore them beautifully.
I can’t wait to work with everyone involved again.