Jen & John – Wedding – Elizabeth Park – West Hartford

Congratulations to Jen & John!!
This is the second time I was able to head up to Elizabeth Park in the past week. It seems to always have beautiful weather overtime I’m there. This time was no exception. Jen & John wanted a small, intimate ceremony and they couldn’t have picked a better place for it. After the wedding ceremony was over, we walked around the park and just found interesting locations to capture their energy and love.

Lifestyle Fashion – Elizabeth Park Hartford

I found it difficult to make a bad photo of Amber and Kira when we visited Elizabeth Park in Hartford. My plan was to intentionally go up under harsh lighting conditions to test out some new lighting techniques. Well, wouldn’t you know it, some clouds came in and perfectly blocked the sun allowing just the right amount of light for a mid-day shoot. At first I was bummed that I couldn’t play with the new ideas that I had, but then quickly got over it as I had; two beautiful models in a beautiful location with… BEAUTIFUL light. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Kate & Eric – Wedding at Candlelight Farms Inn New Milford, CT

Such a beautiful sunny day with a beautiful couple. The setting was in New Milford, CT at Candlelight Farms Inn. An outdoor wedding set for the longest day of the year in the summer. Kate and Eric were such a fun and easy going couple that took direction perfectly and picked up things quickly. Live band, micro brewed beers, great food and lots of outdoor games. This wedding had the feeling of a formal backyard bash.

Congrats Jen & Alex! – Wedding at Anthony’s Ocean View – CT

Wedding, CT, Anthony's, Ocean, View, Beach, Love, Photography, Couple, Modern, Dramatic

Big congratulations to Jen & Alex! A couple lucky enough to find one another and lucky enough to have the weather clear out for them just in time. This being right after some Friday the 13th, full moon storms.

Here are just some of my favorites from that day. Many more to come!

Jessica & Omar – Wedding

Jessica is a person that I’ve known for a long time. I believe we go back as far as 2nd grade. After graduating high school, we lost touch. A few years ago, when she knew that I had begun photographing weddings, she told me “when I get married, I’m gonna hire you.” Sure enough, when she became engaged to a great guy, Omar… she reached out and booked me for her wedding.
The excitement that she brought and the trust that she instilled was outstanding. Needless to say, it was a fantastic day with a great bunch of energetic people.

Jen & Alex – Engagement

Jen and Alex have an energy that surrounds them and puts them in their own world. The best way I can describe it is… well, I can’t describe it but I think I can capture it. Congratulations to Jen and Alex. I’m looking forward to shooting their wedding in 2014.

Katie & Mike – Engagement

I had fun joking with Katie and Mike about the setting of our shoot. We  (or should I say I) went on about how “we were breaking new ground” by shooting in a location that had a lot of grit and texture. We even went ahead and shot on some train tracks. As cliche as it is, it works. It does add nice texture to an image and makes for some compelling shots. I think Mike and Katie did a great job with this shoot. Congrats to them and I wish them nothing but happiness in the future.