BAND – Live Alive

Before photographing Live Alive, I was fortunate enough to work with these guys before, along with Mike Falzone to create a music video for their single Keep Me Awake.

As serious as these photos appear, behind the scenes, these guys are just fun to hang around with. At one point, I recall the guys breaking out into a hoedown sing-along. Something they do to pass the time when touring on the road. With ages ranging from 15 to 23, I couldn’t help but feel like the “old guy” in the room. In my mind I was just playing the wisdom card, as to not focus on my lower back pain at the time. Haha.

When I first heard their sound, I told myself that 16 year old me would like these guys… as it turns out 32 year old me likes them too.

This first image worked really well as a black and white, back-lit, dramatic photo and I liked it. I also thought it might look cool with some texture, so I decided to go through some of my archives of photos and add in a background…

This is the same image as the one above, but I just added in some gritty abandoned warehouse (super original I know, but it works) to the background. The effects I wanted with the back light is still there, now with some texture. Man I love photoshop.

Live_Alive_Portraits-1086-Edit Live_Alive_Portraits-1168 Live_Alive_Portraits-1276-Edit Live_Alive_Portraits-1376-Edit

Band – Cannibal Corpse New Haven, CT Toads Place


So, the other night I had an experience that was hard to describe. I got to photograph a band that I NEVER thought I’d photograph… Cannibal Corpse They’re not the band for everyone that’s for sure, but they sure do have a following. Heavy Metal and Hardcore has always been a part of me and I’m always influenced by a quick double bass drum and some chugging guitar riffs. I was fortunate enough to photograph a band that defines a 90’s modern metal sound. They come through New Haven CT the other night and I went out with Joe to see if I could capture some of that metal essence. I think I did. The images I took were featured into an article from Alternative Control written by Joe.

I’m just glad there was a barrier separating the crowd from the stage.