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For my first time ever, I participated in an instagram meetup. Specifically, in the town of New Haven – where my studio is located. The people (from all around new haven) were gathered and hosted by #artilerya aka Alvin aka Garseeyuh. He along with a couple other key hosts: @photolo5 & @_7vn were able  to get a bunch of people (around 30) to meet up in downtown New Haven and lead a photowalk for around 3 hours.

We visited a few spots near YALE campus and the surrounding area. I jumped right in utilizing wireless, external speed lights and a fast, prime lens to find my bearings. The most interesting thing for me was not only meeting 30 new people that shared the same passion I do, but also seeing how they interpret that passion and how they approach a subject. When searching the hashtag #projectshutter and #lo5x7vn you’ll come across similar subjects, but all with different approaches. Whit certain restrictions (for example limiting myself to an 8GB card only) I placed on myself, I tried to do the same. I wanted the walk to be a challenge, but also at the same time with my approach and style.

I’m happy with some of the images I made. Below is a gallery of a few selects. I’m excited to join the next one and see what we all come up with.

Jill – Motorcycle Lifestyle Fashion Photography

Wow. I had such a great time shooting with Jill the other night. Not only because she’s, beautiful and not only because she’s talented and not only because she had an awesome vintage Honda Cl350 and NOT ONLY because it was the perfect night… but because it was also awesome to collaborate with friend and fellow photographer Matt from BSC Photo. I had an overall concept of what I wanted to accomplish and feel like I hit a good amount of the shots I wanted, but not without thanks to the conversations and planning I had with Matt. Being able to bounce both creative and technical ideas was great. Check my Instagram for some of the behind the scenes, but needless to say we were hanging out the back of my car, shooting Jill and at one point (because of Matt’s idea) had a strobe suction cupped to the side of my car. It was a blast and I can’t wait to experiment with photographing this type f movement again.

Jen & John – Wedding – Elizabeth Park – West Hartford

Congratulations to Jen & John!!
This is the second time I was able to head up to Elizabeth Park in the past week. It seems to always have beautiful weather overtime I’m there. This time was no exception. Jen & John wanted a small, intimate ceremony and they couldn’t have picked a better place for it. After the wedding ceremony was over, we walked around the park and just found interesting locations to capture their energy and love.

Lifestyle Fashion – Elizabeth Park Hartford

I found it difficult to make a bad photo of Amber and Kira when we visited Elizabeth Park in Hartford. My plan was to intentionally go up under harsh lighting conditions to test out some new lighting techniques. Well, wouldn’t you know it, some clouds came in and perfectly blocked the sun allowing just the right amount of light for a mid-day shoot. At first I was bummed that I couldn’t play with the new ideas that I had, but then quickly got over it as I had; two beautiful models in a beautiful location with… BEAUTIFUL light. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Kate & Eric – Wedding at Candlelight Farms Inn New Milford, CT

Such a beautiful sunny day with a beautiful couple. The setting was in New Milford, CT at Candlelight Farms Inn. An outdoor wedding set for the longest day of the year in the summer. Kate and Eric were such a fun and easy going couple that took direction perfectly and picked up things quickly. Live band, micro brewed beers, great food and lots of outdoor games. This wedding had the feeling of a formal backyard bash.

Fantasy Model Shoot – Composite Workflow Overview

Fantasy Comic Cartoon Stlye Photo

After posting this image on my Facebook page I received an inquiry about seeing the original photo. I can see why that may have been a thought in someone’s mind because the retouched image does have a very illustrative look. I love working with that style. Taking photos and turning them into a more comic book, stylized, painterly look.

Below you’ll see 2 images. One is cropped in a bit so you can see more detail and the other is the full length photo. From left to right, is the raw shot right from the camera (Canon 5dmk3), then the image after being processed in Lightroom 5 and finally after opening that processed image in Photoshop and adding the finishing touches. I actually bring it back into Lightroom for a few more tweaks (coloring and vignettes).

Fantasy Comic Cartoon Stlye Photo


Fantasy Comic Cartoon Stlye Photo BTS

The lighting and positioning is really what brings this image together. I started with my model mimicking the pose of her holding a flame in her hand. Which was directly below a green gelled speedlite. There was also an additional green gelled speedlite (camera right) that directed a little bit more of green on her body. There were a total of 6 lights used 4 Paul C. Buff Einsteins and 2 Speedlites Canon 580exii. They aren’t shown in the image so I’m including a rough diagram of the lighting setup below. The key light (camera left) was a large soft box and the rim lights were narrow soft boxes (camera left and right). There was also blue gelled hair/rim light (camera left).

SWP, Lighting, Diagram, Photo, Design

Hopefully that provides a little bit more insight in on the workflow and setup of this shot. I love incorporating Photoshop into my workflow, especially for shots like these. I always keep in mind the final result when shooting and hope that my settings get me there.

Questions? Drop a comment.



Congrats Jen & Alex! – Wedding at Anthony’s Ocean View – CT

Wedding, CT, Anthony's, Ocean, View, Beach, Love, Photography, Couple, Modern, Dramatic

Big congratulations to Jen & Alex! A couple lucky enough to find one another and lucky enough to have the weather clear out for them just in time. This being right after some Friday the 13th, full moon storms.

Here are just some of my favorites from that day. Many more to come!

Jessica & Omar – Wedding

Jessica is a person that I’ve known for a long time. I believe we go back as far as 2nd grade. After graduating high school, we lost touch. A few years ago, when she knew that I had begun photographing weddings, she told me “when I get married, I’m gonna hire you.” Sure enough, when she became engaged to a great guy, Omar… she reached out and booked me for her wedding.
The excitement that she brought and the trust that she instilled was outstanding. Needless to say, it was a fantastic day with a great bunch of energetic people.

Styling – Nick Jardin

Nick reached out to me and asked if I would photograph him as he did a cut and style. Now, I’ve worked with hair stylists before and I would snap the occasional behind the scenes photo to document the photo shoot that we were doing. Plus, it’s cool to see what went on before the final image was created. In this case, the BTS photos are the final photos, so I wasn’t sure what the expect when shooting, or when I was done. I approached it like any other shoot though, planning, setup and execution.

I knew I wanted high contrast and that eventually I would process the images as black and white. So, I did what I almost never do; I previewed the images as black and white vs color on the back of my camera. This was super helpful because I knew what my end goal was and shooting this way allowed me to get a great idea of where my tones were without having to transform into a dog. Many times when I’m shooting, I can visualize what a color image will look like as a black and white because of the tones and contrast in an image. This tiny change made a huge difference.

I almost never shoot just black and white images, especially in studio with a full lighting setup – in this case, I used 2 – 72″ shoot through umbrellas as rim lights and a 22″ beauty dish as my key. I’ve got to say, I really like how they turned out and think it works well for the subject matter. We played with a few different scenes and some variations of the light, but overall I early dig how it turned out.

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