Jill – Motorcycle Lifestyle Fashion Photography

Wow. I had such a great time shooting with Jill the other night. Not only because she’s, beautiful and not only because she’s talented and not only because she had an awesome vintage Honda Cl350 and NOT ONLY because it was the perfect night… but because it was also awesome to collaborate with friend and fellow photographer Matt from BSC Photo. I had an overall concept of what I wanted to accomplish and feel like I hit a good amount of the shots I wanted, but not without thanks to the conversations and planning I had with Matt. Being able to bounce both creative and technical ideas was great. Check my Instagram for some of the behind the scenes, but needless to say we were hanging out the back of my car, shooting Jill and at one point (because of Matt’s idea) had a strobe suction cupped to the side of my car. It was a blast and I can’t wait to experiment with photographing this type f movement again.