Senior Portraits

It was a lot of fun shooting Kassidy’s senior portraits. She’s a fun girl with a quick wit and that made for a high energy session. We shot in studio on a white background with the intention of creating composite environment shots later. My favorite, by far is the prom shot. A combination of two shots I photographed (I shoot a bunch of random empty background with the hopes of creating something with them later) this image came together with a great dramatic presence. All together timeless images that I think she and her family will look back on fondly. Nothing but well wishes to her in the future.

Senior-Kassidy_Philpott-5431 Senior-Kassidy_Philpott-5942-Edit Senior-Kassidy_Philpott-5764-Edit Senior-Kassidy_Philpott-5703-Edit-2Senior-Kassidy_Philpott-5469-Edit-2Senior-Kassidy_Philpott-5573-Edit