Super Moon New Haven CT Long Wharf

After finishing an anniversary party shoot on a pirate ship (that’s for another post), I turn around and there is it. The 2013 Super Moon! So, is it really that super? Well, kinda. Technically it’s the closest to the earth this time of year as well as the closest to the earth it’s been in several years. So, does it really look that close?? Well, kinda. It really depends upon how close you catch it to the horizon. The whole reason why a Super Moon (or any other moon for that matter) looks so big is because you see it in context, relative to objects that you know to be large. Like buildings, tree/mountain lines, or in this case… a boat. It’s an optical illusion and really only looks bigger. Normally when it’s floating in the sky it’s surrounded by a bunch of little specs that are millions of miles away. This time though, science tells us that it is indeed, bigger… and it looks bigger… and it looks cool. ¬†Glad I caught it.