June 2013

Cinemagraph – A test with a Fashion Model

I really wanted to challenge myself with creating a Cinemagraph. As you can see with the image below, it’s a combination of still and video. Basically it’s a video with parts of the image isolated. I wanted to create something basic like this because I had this idea for a client where a fashion designer could utilize more than just still images on their website.

I shot a test with my friend Kim (LOVE shooting with Kim!) and she stayed pretty still, but to really pull this look off, elements, like her arms, legs and face really need to be isolated. A more advanced challenge would be to get her hair and moving. So far, I’m happy with the result.

Kim Cinemagraph Model Fashion

Sunset Photo Walk – Silver Sands State Park


I met up with my buddy John and we set out for our first photo walk together at Silver Sands State Park in Milford, CT. It’s a beautiful beach/park that, during low tide has walking access to an island. I explained to John that I brought two cameras and a nice trifecta of lenses because I didn’t know what I’d need… so why not carry more than enough. Well, After taking 5-10 shots with my 7D and 70-200 I realized that I didn’t have a CF card in the camera! John busted out into a mighty strong chuckle, as he should, at my misfortune. Here I am, explaining WHY I brought this extra gear, only to find out that it pretty much became useless. So, I used my 5D with a 50 and a 16-35 and took a few snaps. I was pretty bummed, but still tried to force myself to take some cool images. Better luck next time, me.

Chasing Lightning – Silver Sands State Park Milford CT


So, I set out to shoot the SUPER MOON again, but stormy skies had different plans for me. I’m an opportunistic kinda guy, so I decided that I was gonna shoot the beautiful, angry skies presented to me. I made it a challenge to myself to capture some lightning. Well, I stood around for 2hrs and shoot over 600 photos and I got 2 decent shots. Ahh, the beauty of patience building exercises found only by being a photographer.

Next time you’re shooting anything, even with an iPhone, challenge yourself with something. Make it a goal to capture something specific. You’ll find yourself waiting and you’ll start to learn the beauty of waiting for that perfect moment!

Super Moon New Haven CT Long Wharf

After finishing an anniversary party shoot on a pirate ship (that’s for another post), I turn around and there is it. The 2013 Super Moon! So, is it really that super? Well, kinda. Technically it’s the closest to the earth this time of year as well as the closest to the earth it’s been in several years. So, does it really look that close?? Well, kinda. It really depends upon how close you catch it to the horizon. The whole reason why a Super Moon (or any other moon for that matter) looks so big is because you see it in context, relative to objects that you know to be large. Like buildings, tree/mountain lines, or in this case… a boat. It’s an optical illusion and really only looks bigger. Normally when it’s floating in the sky it’s surrounded by a bunch of little specs that are millions of miles away. This time though, science tells us that it is indeed, bigger… and it looks bigger… and it looks cool.  Glad I caught it.


Band – Cannibal Corpse New Haven, CT Toads Place


So, the other night I had an experience that was hard to describe. I got to photograph a band that I NEVER thought I’d photograph… Cannibal Corpse They’re not the band for everyone that’s for sure, but they sure do have a following. Heavy Metal and Hardcore has always been a part of me and I’m always influenced by a quick double bass drum and some chugging guitar riffs. I was fortunate enough to photograph a band that defines a 90’s modern metal sound. They come through New Haven CT the other night and I went out with Joe to see if I could capture some of that metal essence. I think I did. The images I took were featured into an article from Alternative Control written by Joe.

I’m just glad there was a barrier separating the crowd from the stage.


Wedding – Emily & Matt

Down to earth, happy and real. Just a few things to describe this couple. Emily and Matt seem to share the same smile. By that I mean, when one is smiling, it seems to carry right over to the other. They have a connection that extends beyond anything physical. It’s a great thing to be around and surely is a great thing to photograph.

I wish them nothing but good fortune and positive energy on their journey into the future.

Getting ready took place at The Silas W. Robbins House – Bed and Breakfast and the ceremony and reception was held at the Webb Barn, both in Wethersfield, CT.

Maternity – Darcy

Darcy is a great person. Warm, kind and boy does she have a great sense of humor. Personality for days and after meeting her husband, I can only imagine how charismatic, clever and quick witted their daughter will be. Not to mention, but I will, beautiful as well. I’d look at the back of my camera after a few shots and think I was shooting for an American Eagle catalog or something. These two have good jeans that make these images nothing but easy on the eyes.

I’ve also been working with Darcy on a special project, so be sure to check back as you’ll surely want to see the end result!

Wedding – Andrea & Craig

Andrea and Craig are a sweet, sweet couple. They surely make a nice fit for one another. I knew right away that I liked Craig, being a fellow Apple enthusiast, because it’s hard not to like someone that’s willing to discuss mobile software for hours on end. Andrea (much like my fiancé) humors the discussion and doesn’t have a problem rolling with it. As soft spoken as she may be, I quickly found out that any “loud” energy she has comes out on the dance floor. I was so happy to her out there encouraging others as well.

A great group of people combined with a beautiful setting at the Great River Golf Club made for a beautiful spring day/evening. Hard to ask for more on your wedding day.

Congratulations to Andrea & Craig.