April 2013

Multi-Talented Marissa

It’s refreshing when I find people that I work with that are both challenging and calming at the same time. I feel that Marissa is one of those people.

She’s calming in that, she’s incredible at what she does. For me that means she gets locked into a character. If I say give me attitude, she’s right there turtling and squinting. If I say, happy, it’s smiles for days. If I ask for an “early morning in the mood” look, you guessed it… She becomes these roles so well that when I’m done shooting, it’s almost shocking how quickly it can be turned off. It’s incredible.

She challenges me because she’s so good at getting into character, I don’t have to do much directing. It’s great! It allows me to focus (no pun intended) on composition, timing and experimenting with new ideas.

There’s a part of me that always felt that I could do a good job at acting if put in the position, although I think it’s only if I’m acting like myself. Therefore, I’m not a good actor, Marissa on the other hand, is.

I’m looking forward to working with her more on upcoming projects.

Check out these images full screen here


Marissa_Maislen-8088 Marissa_Maislen-8076 Marissa_Maislen-0673 Marissa_Maislen-0634 Marissa_Maislen-0374 Marissa_Maislen-0298 Marissa_Maislen-0286 Marissa_Maislen-0090



So… BlackMagic is Great

Preorder Black Magic Cinema Camera

Blackmagic has raised the bar, yet again. They announced a new camera. Actually, they announced 2 new cameras. A new 4k cinema beast, and a smaller little guy, which is the one I’m really interested in. They’re calling it a Pocket Cinema camera. The beauty is; it shoots RAW video @ 1080p, AND it fits in your pocket. I won’t go nuts going over specs because they’re everywhere. The direct source is from Blackmagic’s site. If you want one, do like I did. Preorder it from B&H Photo. It’s available in July. Oh what a great summer it will be.

Image from B&H Photo. Click to Preorder