February 2013

Photography isn’t JUST taking photos

I woke up to see a post from a friend that made me, in a big way, realize that photography isn’t just about taking photos. It’s about the energy , experience and relationships that are built in and around the moment. Those moments are combined 1/160th of a second at a time. At the end of the day they assemble more than just a gallery, they build friendships. Check out my friend Jen’s experience of working with complete strangers for a day.

Read it here: Chin Down, Neck Out.

The Day After Nemo Visited CT


Did it suck that a blizzard dropped 38″ of snow in my town? Did it suck feeling trapped inside my house? Did it suck having to shovel out a path to the road? YES! Yes, it did.

What didn’t suck were some of the photographic opportunities that presented themselves afterward. I always try to focus on the positive (no pun intended) and find good things from any given situation. It makes life much better. I’m especially happy when that positivity comes in the form of a photograph. Here’s just a few that I took with my DSLR.

I used a Canon 5D Mark III with the 16-35mm 2.8. Most images were shot at about f11 even though the light was pretty low. Some shots were at ISO 5000+ to provide enough light for the scene. Luckily Lightroom 4 does a great job of cleaning up that noise.

Visit my Instagram for a few more shots that I took only with my iPhone 4s.



Featured! Front Page of Inked Girls Mag


I’m so pumped! The images I took for Denise helped get her featured on the front page of Inked Girls Magazine. You can see the full post with more images on their site here.InkedGirlsMagazineFrontPage




This was a fun video to shoot with Mike Falzone. My favorite shot is the; looking down on the keys shot. It wasn’t so much fun to setup, but it was totally worth it. All shot with natural daylight. The windows had a really nice natural diffusion. Check it out.